Kathy G’s Helpful Holiday Design Tips: Moss and Candles


The holiday season brings chilly weather, warm clothes and bare plants. The question is – how do you translate that to indoor decor? The answer – moss and candles. Not only is moss the perfect color to represent the holidays, its also a very natural color that is reflective of the wintery state of nature. Candles, on the other hand, are warm and inviting. They also add a glimmer of sparkle to a room and convey sense of calm. The smell of candles can also help you set the mood for parties or for welcoming houseguests. Pairing the moss and candles will give your home or event a dynamic rustic, yet intimate feel!

Moss can be incorporated in several different ways. The first is to use moss balls, which come in several different sizes. Moss balls look fabulous sitting on top of candelabras, as vase fillers and as accent pieces sitting in clusters on a buffet or table.


Another way is to use moss blocks. Stacking moss blocks gives depth and dimension to a design. They are great to stack treats or party favors on top of or to give dimension to photographs, collectables or holiday decorations.


A third way to incorporate moss is to use loose moss. When moss is broken up and scattered around it conveys simplistic, natural beauty. It can be used at the base of a centerpiece or scattered on a table. For a plated, seated dinner, seating assignment cards sit beautifully atop a moss-scattered table.



To give the rustic feel of the moss a more elegant touch, add candles. The glow of candles creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. It also adds a gleam of holiday spirit! You can incorporate candles through small votives, hanging lanterns or thick candlesticks.