Kathy G’s Helpful Holiday Design Tips: Branch Out and Let It Snow

This holiday season, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! By using long bare branches cascading with white florals or crystals you can give your home a snowy, wintry feel and your guests a warm welcome.


Start with a vase. We used a clear cylindrical vase but any number of colors or shapes will do. You can fill the bottom of the vase with river rocks, marbles, crystals or leave it bare. Fill the vase with water.

Stick the branches out of the top of a vase. We love to use branches both long and short. Using a variety adds depth and dimension.

Use fishing line to hang the stemless white flowers or crystals. Tie the fishing line to the branch, move down about 2-3 inches, and thread your flower or crystal with the fishing line, then tie a knot where you threaded it to hold it in place. Repeat until you have your desired look.


Make this project fun – don’t stress about making it look perfect up-close. From afar, your stemless flowers and/or crystals will look like they are falling out of the sky!

Another idea is to do the same look with ornaments for a more themed holiday feel.


**All supplies can be found at your local craft store or floral distributor.