Scaring Up Some Halloween Fun with Kathy G Drink Recipes!!!

It’s Halloween weekend – time to scare up some fun!

We’ve cooked up all kinds of spine chilling, bone breaking, super scary delicious treats in the Kathy G. kitchen this month! Many of you have asked for beverage recipes! So, we’re answering your requests with two festive drinks promised to spice up this seasons’ best of spooky celebrations!Since we know that circling the neighborhood while Trick or Treating with the kiddos can get pretty exhausting, we want you to treat your neighbors to SLIME PUNCH! Start with a frightfully fabulous display to welcome all the ghosts and goblins!

2 cups Boiling Water
1 package of Lime Flavored Gelatin
2 cups of Orange Juice
1 liter of Club Soda or Ginger Ale, chilled
Ice Cubes
2 cups of lime sherbert, slightly softened
1 Orange, thinly sliced
1 Lime, thinly sliced





Of course, we didn’t forget the grown up ghouls!

For a Halloween bash suited for adults only, try this easy-to-prepare, deliciously-themed cocktail that’s sure to please the over-21 but “young at heart” crowd.

.5 oz. Triple Sec
1.5 oz Vodka
4 oz. Cranberry Juice

Mix Triple Sec, Vodka, and Cranberry Juice.  Serve in a chilled cocktail glass and for those feeling especially festive, add candy eyeballs and a red sugar rim!


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