Goat Cheese Log

Goat Cheese Logs are an easy and delicious appetizer for house guests, holiday parties and snacks! Making a delicious Goat Cheese Log takes less than five minutes to put together – start to finish. For the recipe below, we used dried Cranberries to create a lovely holiday feel. Instead of using Cranberries, you can also use chopped, Dried Cherries or chopped Pistachios for your Goat Cheese Log!


Chopped Dried Cranberries

Goat Cheese Log

Mint Sprigs (for garnish)



Roll out some waxed paper or use a non-stick surface.

Dump the Dried Cranberries on top of the waxed paper or non-stick surface.

Roll your Goat Cheese Log on the Cranberries until the log is covered in Cranberries.

Move your Cranberry covered Goat Cheese Log onto a serving piece.

Garnish with Mint Springs.

Serve with Crackers of your choice.