Brooch Bouquets are H-O-T, HOT!!!

For the last several months, brooch bouquets have been taking the place of traditional floral bridal bouquets in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles.  And when Miranda Lambert carried her gorgeous brooch bouquet down the aisle upon marrying Blake Shelton in “Country Music’s Royal Wedding” this past May, the super-chic twist on bouquets hit the radar of Alabama Brides.

KG Designs very own Andy Hopper displayed his first brooch bouquet at the 2011 Soho Bridal Show on Sunday, August 7th and to say it impressed the brides-to-be in attendance would be an understatement.  Everyone wanted to see (and touch) the original masterpiece crafted by the KG Designs maestro.

Andy Hopper and his brooch bouquet at the 2011 Soho Bridal Show

What Andy loves most about creating brooch bouquets is that it allows brides to include personal mementos such as jewelry that’s been passed down from mothers, grandmothers or even great grandmas.  Plus there’s no rules.  You can implement whatever brooches you like in amping up the vintage feel to your big day.

We’re sure that many of you are probably wondering if the brooch bouquet will be “too heavy” to carry around for the duration of your wedding day, but Andy would like to assure you that a medium-sized brooch bouquet is no heavier than most traditional floral bouquets.

As for cost… well that’s all up to you.  The brooches themselves make up the bulk of the expense of this type of arrangement. So the more brooches you provide, the less investment that will be required on your part.  That said, Andy believes most brooch bouquets will ultimately fall in the $200-300 range – A truly great price to really make a fun statement on your wedding day.

And if a bouquet made ENTIRELY of brooches is “too much” for your style and taste, you can always accent a floral bouquet with a few simple brooches – whether they be family heirlooms or gorgeous pieces purchased specifically for the wedding.

Either way, brooch bouquets are RED HOT.

Contact KG Designs to ask about one for your of simply call our lead designer, Andy Hopper, directly on his cell at 205-492-7993